Experiencing Nonstop Entertainment in Auckland

The city of Auckland is truly a place of wonders. From volcanic cones to natural harbours, and from museums to playgrounds, one can never lack something indulging. But outdoor activities only, can be tiring and one needs a perfect indoor complementary, an indoor environment where one can experience change while still tuned to excitement, exploration, and relaxation of mind. This place is certainly Skycity Auckland.

The building has a unique architectural design with a height of 328 metres, making it not only the largest building in New Zealand, but also an icon. It is located at the heart of the Auckland city, which makes it perfect to stay at one of its hotel rooms while attending to whatever takes you to Auckland. Skycity Auckland is to be the premier destination for entertainment.

People relax in different ways. While some prefer to gaze at nothing in order to release their mind from worries, others relax by changing activities. At Skycity Auckland, gazers can never lack something to engage their eyes. The building, being the tallest, has observatories from where someone can gaze through 80 Kilometres into the air, all round and undeterred. Moreover, one can gaze at the beautiful buildings, streets and sceneries below.

Skycity Auckland has a large theatre room, bars, restaurants and a casino. One can, therefore, enjoy cool music, watch a play or dance to the tune of cultural music. And if these are not enough, and having met the age limit of 20, one can experience the thrill of gaming at the casino.

With 1600 gaming machines and 100 gaming tables, one cannot lack their favourite game. Moreover, being new to gaming is no limitation. In Skycity Auckland, there is always someone to help one to start their first thrilling experience. These casino games are played at various levels separated by the amount one can spend. This makes the player totally worry free as long as they play at the level they can afford.